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Dare To Discover Yourself

Dare To Discover Yourself     

by Gary N. Sparkman
Price: $14.95

144 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-9800192-0-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9800192-0-9

Dare To Discover Yourself is an inspirational treasure chest that abounds with a compelling message of hope for its readers. It is as timely as it is bold in its ability to point readers in the direction of their great calling in life. With a single, masterful stroke of the pen, Gary Sparkman provides convincing proof that we are all born with the seed of greatness on the inside. Through great story telling and poignant anecdotes, he addresses the key principles of success that lead to dream fulfillment. The refreshing truths revealed in this book leave no doubt about the ability of each of us to manufacture the kind of success that may lie just beyond the reach of our present grasp-but that is inside the borders of our current imagination. Fortunately for readers, Dare To Discover Yourself provides practical solutions for turning the dreams you enjoy while asleep into the ones that can benefit you while awake. The brilliance of this book is that it takes you on a journey inside the borders of your being for the answers to your current predicament. You will learn that the journey to discover the peace, personal fulfillment, and wealth you desire must first begin with an internal exploration of self. Once inside, you will locate abundant talent, ideas, and creativity that comprise your priceless mental real estate. It is there, according to Gary Sparkman, that we must begin our journey and from there that we must set the azimuth for our course in life. Without this perspective, life is reduced to experimentation and vain pursuits that leave us unfulfilled. Reader, please be forewarned!!! Once you read this powerfully inspiring book, you will no longer be plagued by feelings of inadequacy when it comes to pursuing your dreams. You will no longer be in want of the dream-building resources that are not presently in your possession. You will no longer retreat from the adversity that forms on your horizons. YOur will no longer look at obstacles to your success as "u-turn" or "stop" signs, but rather as necessary allies. You will no longer downgrade the worth of your contribution to humanity as you will discover that, indeed, you are the greatest asset you will ever own. With all this, Gary Sparkman removes every excuse we can ever pose to justify why we cannot achieve our destiny of greatness.

About The Author

Gary Sparkman breaths a fresh wind of understanding over the topic of success and achievement. His perspectives are both refreshing and timely. He believes that the discovery of "self", before all else, is the bedrock upon which we are thus able to secure "true" success and by which we attain personal fulfillment. Having lectured to, mentored and counseled thousands of individuals from all walks of life, he has identified a consistent, problematic theme in the lives of people. The common problem is that folks are generally unhappy with and unfulfilled in the life that has "happened" to them. As a result of this discover, he now devotes his life to inspiring individuals to dream their way out of their despair. His message of hope has gained traction in the hearts and minds of his legion of hope-inspired followers. Gary Sparkman is a noted motivational speaker, author, publisher, book editor, and life coach. He has personally edited more than ten books that are now published works. He is a gifted writer who has written more than one thousand high-impact resumes for his clients-resumes that have resulted in guaranteed interviews. Additionally, he is a life coach whose keen advice and wisdom have led to major career advancements for countless other clients. His writings and public speaking have sparked a movement among members of his audience that challenges individuals to become the Greatest You Possible. Gary Sparkman is a 1984 graduate of the United State Military Academy at West Point, New York. He is also the co-founder, together with his wife Deloris, of Delgar Publishing. And through Delgar Publishing, he published and released in 2008 his first book, DARE TO DISCOVER YOURSELF.

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