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Where Does It Hurt?

Where Does It Hurt?     

by Matthew K. Norton D.C.
Price: $29.95

Book Website:

280 Pages, Hardback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-9799787-0-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9799787-0-8

Where Does It Hurt? is the book with all the answers for your pain when you are tired of trying to manage or mask it with risky medications. If you have "tried everything" with no lasting success, it offers you new hope and a real solution. The book is a distillation of a Doctor of Chiropractic's 25 years of experience, sharing the wisdom and healing strategies acquired while caring for hurting people in their quest to feel and be better. It clarifies the tragic chronic pain and illness consequences of uncorrected injuries and overwhelming stress affecting over 50 million Americans. It features dozens of powerful before and after real-life stories and reveals Dr. Norton's proven breakthrough nervous system-focused approach used with over 10,000 patients to not only resolve persistent pain, but restore health and well-being to a level feared lost forever. Dr. Norton integrates contemporary neuroscience and recent healthcare research with practical healing wisdom in an easy to follow roadmap.

About The Author

Dr. Matthew Norton, in private practice since 1983, is the director of Norton Chiropractic Wellness Center in Central California. He has cared for thousands of patients whose debilitating conditions had defied improvement elsewhere. He speaks frequently to businesses and organizations on how emotions, stress, and injuries influence nervous system function and overall well-being. Dr. Norton has published numerous articles, conducted teleseminars, and maintains multiple educational websites. He provides cutting-edge research, insightful perspectives, and practical guidance in the areas of pain solutions and whole body health. Dr. Norton is happily married to his wife Judy, and has four adult daughters and a teenage son.


Do you mean reviews published in magazines and newspapers? I don't have any yet but plan to right away. Do you have any specific recommendations on this one?

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