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The Scroll of the Fourth Wise Man

The Scroll of the Fourth Wise Man     

by Brown Cardwell
Price: $12.95

240 Pages, Paperback, 5.25 x 8.25

ISBN-10: 0-9728306-5-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9728306-5-2

The Scroll of the Fourth Wise Man recounts the adventures of the Athenian, Marikles Teleas. Abandoned by his father and chased across the Mediterranean world by his brother’s men, Marikles rages for revenge. The story speaks with power of one man’s life: his battles, his fears, and his loves. He rises from the brutality of warfare and the arena to great prominence. He witnesses great events of his time, for his fate is intertwined with the Magi, Caesar Augustus, Herod the Great, and the radical rebel called Jeshua of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

About The Author

Brown Cardwell has worked for many years in theatre and film in the Washington/Baltimore/New York areas. Original plays, dance concerts, and cabaret work have been seen at the Washington Theatre Festival, the Source Theatre, d.c. space, The Helen Hayes Gallery of the National Theatre, the Pavilion, the Western Plaza Performance Project, and the Wolftrap International Children’s Festival. Writing credits include work-for-hire industrial videos and stage productions. A children’s story “Lancelot, the Docile Ocelot” appeared in Children’s Playmate and a short story “The Trainman” was published in The Kit-Cat Review. Stage plays include Time Files, showcased by The Source Theatre Company of Washington, DC, and produced by Love Creek Productions in New York City; and The Book Club, staged in the Washington National Theatre Festival. Book musicals are Reflections on the Heart of a Woman (composer Maureen Codelka), seen at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC; Waiting for Lenny (composer Norman Weiss) produced at The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music and included in the 29th Annual Samuel French Festival of Short Plays in 2004. The short story “Shanazi” was finalist the 2003 Moondance International Film Festival, and a previous novel is Jericho (Panda Press).


Part historical novel, part Greek tragedy, filled with "lol" humor and wit, Scroll of the Fourth Wise Man immediately grabs the reader and takes him hostage...we see the ancient world through the bold and brash young eyes of Marius, who leaves behind the power and monumental treachery of Rome, sails for adventure across the Aegean and the aestheticism of ancient Greece, to the fertile Nile river valley and ultimately lands in the turbulent holy land of Judea. We witness first-hand the momentous events that shaped our modern world. We can’t help but wince as cultures collide, empires fall around our unlikely but well-placed hero, allowing us to experience the power, might and glory of history. With Scroll, Cardwell ties together the separate but colliding histories of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Jews and Christians. What is truly remarkable about this colossal feat, is that she does it through the self-deprecating humor and humanness of her flesh and blood narrator, making it a thoroughly enjoyable read...a human story of sorrow, war, revenge, love, humility, and a healthy dose of humor and wit. ---Susan Beach, author of The Tall and Short Tales of Penelope Brown Cardwell is a master at bringing ancient times to life. With highly readable descriptions, she skillfully weaves a story's context. The reader feels like a bystander to the smells and sounds of the marketplace, and the culture and mood of the times. The Scroll of the Fourth Wise Man transports the reader through many lands from the vast, starry expanse of Egypt to the immense, bloodthirsty coliseums of Rome during the time Christ walked the earth. The feelings and motivations of the book's main character are transparent, enabling the reader to feel like a close friend who is "allowed in" to empathize with his feelings, motivations, mistakes and victories. The Scroll is a rich story that takes us on an unpredictable journey through the course of a man's life -- a man as ordinary as any of us and as extraordinary as anyone God has ever created. --Carolyn Proeber Arts Calendar

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