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by Bernardo Gonzolez
Price: $15.00

Book Website:

230 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-9800493-0-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9800493-0-5

Bushido Based on a true story All the President's Men meets Serpico in this political thriller. Set in present day Los Angeles, Bushido is based on the true story of an LA Cop who uncovers shocking evidence that PRESIDENT GEORGE W. CRUSH and the CIA are involved in running drugs using both military and forest service planes. He teams up with a Talk Radio DJ to bring the case to national attention. MIKE RUPPERT joined the LAPD looking to fight the War on Drugs. Over the years, he saw street drugs go from a serious problem to an out of control epidemic. He saw kids getting hooked every day, getting lost in addiction, and even dying of overdoses. He set out to get to the root of the problem. The answers he found left him stunned. Government planes intended to fight forest fires were making runs into Honduras, El Salvador and Columbia, and bringing back huge shipments of Cocaine to government run bases in the US. The quantities were staggering. One pilot told him that he routinely made flights carrying thousands of pounds of Cocaine. The largest shipment over 2 tons! Ruppert decides to go public with the information and publishes what he's discovered on a website. CASSIUS TIMMONS is a drive time talk radio DJ who loves controversial subjects. He hosts a regular feature every morning called "Can I Ask the Question?" that deals with callers questions from the mundane and trivial to the controversial and sensational. Son of a BAPTIST MINISTER from East LA, he too has seen the devastation that drugs brought in successive waves - especially to the poorer sections of the city. At 15 years old he lost his LITTLE SISTER to a heroin overdose - a fact that neither he nor his father will ever forgive themselves for. One day fate brings these two together, and takes them on a ride through the world of the international drug trade. When a caller who has seen Ruppert speak calls in to ask the question, "Did Crush Sell Drugs?" and the result is explosive. Cassius Timmons is skeptical at first but there is no question more important to him than what was it that brought this epidemic and took his sister's life in the process. And when he locks onto a story he can't let go. Ruppert shows Cassius what the underside of George Crush's CIA budget looks like and brings him to meet the pilots and to see the places where the government is hiding a slush fund of drug money that makes Watergate look like childs play. At the same time, a young writer from El Salvador ERNESTO is making his way to Hollywood with the money his family gave him for college. He wants to make a movie about the death of his AUNT, a nun who was murdered like thousands of others during the US sponsored war in El Salvador. He calls into the radio station while callers are heatedly debating the truth of Mike Ruppert's charges to tell his side of the story. A story that involves military Death Squads funded by the CIA, and a little known Air Force Base in Ilopango, where the CIA flew its planes and moved cocaine up from Panama and Columbia. And as the stories of these unlikely partners come together to find out the truth, a seemingly impossible thing happens. A COACH (SALVADOR FUENTES) for the WASHINGTON NATIONALS BASEBALL TEAM gets into a full on fight with President Crush who is there to throw out the first pitch on opening day. The field erupts in chaos and ends up clearing the benches on national TV. He and the President begin the fight exchanging words, and although the words are never actually heard, it turns out Coach Fuentes is also from El Salvador (and lost his wife to the same Death Squads that Crush helped to create) before emigrating to the US to play baseball. Fuentes is arrested, taken to Guantanamo Bay, and teammates beg for leniency in the case while others call for the maximum penalty possible. Cassius returns from his travels with Ruppert in Columbia and El Salvador to his father's church to get advice and support on what to do. His father helps him organize a Town Meeting that ends up turning into a kind of People's Court "A Jury of Our Peers," a town meeting which is mediated by radio personality GARRISON KEILLER invited to help the community in LA by Reverend Timmons. Bushido ends as the town meeting begins, having raised the question, as witnesses are sworn in to give their side of a story that has been hidden from public view during closed sessions and "independent investigations" for over 10 years.

About The Author

Bernardo Gonzolez migrates. If you give him a dollar, he'll tell you a story. Kind of like Dr. Doolittle. If you give him a few dollars, and he likes you, he'll fix your plumbing. Kind of like Robert DeNiro in "Brazil" He can dance to Indonesian Mystical Music, and he can to make a pretty good fountain. (try it some time) If he gives you his word, he makes good on it.


Bushido by Bernardo Gonzalez Mike Ruppert, an LAPD cop, uncovers shocking evidence of the President's men participating in the illegal drug trade - planeloads full of coke and heroin! He teams up with a talk radio DJ and a Salvadoran student to bring the case to national attention. Will this sensational news reach the public? Or will the bitter truth be silenced by the President's team? Discover the intriguing events as they unfold in Gonzolez's provocative political thriller, Bushido. An absorbing, fast-paced read, this controversial book (based on a true story) will certainly provoke discussions and spark debates. Unravel the hidden deeper realities and join the DJ in his quest for the truth!

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