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The Oracle of Del-Fi

The Oracle of Del-Fi     

by Bob Keane
Price: $17.95

Book Website:

320 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-9768105-1-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-9768105-1-3

The Real Story Behind Hollywood's Legendary Rock 'n' Roll Mogul Bob Keane, president of Del-Fi Records, tells a story within a story, dealing not only with the West coast record scene of the '50s and '60s, but also with his life journey as a man in search of his dream... to become a great clarinetist and band-leader like his idol, Benny Goodman. His quest leads him through a maze of incredible circumstances that shape him into a legendary figure in the record industry. As a musician and record business hustler, Keane finds himself an eyewitness to both the center state action and the sometimes deadly games acted out behind the scenes. Keane gives readers the real story behind Ritchie Valens and "La Bamba" as well as previously unknown insights into the death of another of his major artists, Bobby Fuller, with the cover-up and web of lies that made it one of Hollywood's most intriguing unsolved murder mysteries. Bob also tells the true stories behind the discovery and rise to fame of Sam Cooke, Barry White, Frank Zappa and other Del-Fi recording legends. The Oracle of Del-Fi is a timely story that covers a 60-year journey of a man whose will to succeed against almost impossible odds is an inspiration to all who find their ambitions frustrated by life's disappointments and tricks of fate. If you recognize these songs, you'll love this book! LA BAMBA -- DONNA -- I FOUGHT THE LAW -- COME ON LET'S GO -- YOU SEND ME -- HYPPY HIPPY SHAKE -- CINDY'S BIRTHDAY The Oracle of Del-Fi offers an exciting account of the murder, mystery, deception, and mayhem that permeated the music industry of early Hollywood.

About The Author

Born in Manhattan Beach, California, Bob Keane was largely instrumental in the shaping of Rock 'n' Roll history. The sounds created in his studios over the last 60 years are still influencing new music throughout the world. A latecomer to the big band era and barely 17 years old, gifted clarinetist Keane was discovered and signed by MCA to front his own dance band in 1939. He was billed as �The World�s Youngest Bandleader.� His career was interrupted by World War II, when he joined as a bombardier/navigator in the Army Air Force. Returning from the war, he reformed his band, resumed his musical career and went on to front as music conductor in the legendary NBC radio program, The Hank McCune Show. He later hosted his own Television show on CBS, The Bob Keene Show. This led to an offer from another mega-agency to lead the famous Artie Shaw Band. The decline of big bands in the 1950�s propelled Keane to turn his talents to the burgeoning independent record business, producing unique artists in various music genres, including Rock 'n' Roll, pop, surf, hot rod, Latin, blues, and rhythm & blues. In 1956 he briefly headed up his first label, Keen Records, where he groomed and promoted Sam Cooke into the first black pop artist with his mega hit, You Send Me. The following year, he formed the renowned Del-Fi Records. Under this label, Bob Keane was the catalyst for the careers of artists such as Ritchie Valens who, as the first Latin rocker, topped the charts with Donna, Come on Let�s Go and the legendary international Latin rock sensation, La Bamba. In 1965, Keane set up Mustang Records, where he discovered and produced The Bobby Fuller Four and their timeless hit I Fought the Law. Over the years, Keane produced and released a long list of artists through his Del-Fi label and its subsidiaries, including Barry White, Frank Zappa, Johnny Crawford, Chan Romero, David Gates, Ron Holden, and a number of lesser known artists. In the late 70's, Bob fostered the career of his two young sons, Tom and John, The Keane Brothers, who at barely 10 and 11 years old released their first album in 1977 for 20th Century Fox Records, and a second album in 1979, on the ABC label. Both his sons, as well as many of the artists and musicians who began their careers in music with Bob Keane, went on to become highly respected figures within the industry, and continue to give testament to the insights gained from the Oracle of Del-Fi. Today, Bob Keane is recognized as one of the most influential talent scouts, producers, songwriters, record label owners, sound engineers and promotional visionaries in the history of rock �n� roll music. With a big band background and a uniquely differentiated musical sense, Keane helped launch rock �n� roll music into the mainstream of American popular culture.


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