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Rivers Crossing

Rivers Crossing     

by Jim H. Ainsworth
Price: $25.00

324 Pages, Hardback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-9679483-1-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9679483-1-7

This second in the Rivers Series of novels follows Jake Rivers and brother Gray Boy from the night when In the Rivers Flow ends. It is 2 a.m.--Summer 1956. Spooner Hays is face down in the mud in front of the Delta County Courthouse in Texas, drowning in his own blood. Gray Boy Rivers is in a jail cell thirty yards awy and four floors up when Spooner dies. Both are just out of high school. They were raised within ten miles of each other--worked together--played together--but lived in different worlds. Ivory Hays, Spooner's father, is called King Ivory because he is the self-appointed king of The Hollow, a bottomland area populated exclusively by people of color. He also wields considerable influence among whites. His son's death causes ripples that turn into waves for this tiny rural county. The waves threated to engulf the Rivers family. Buster Galt, fresh from Dallas successes as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, has returned to his Delta County roots with reluctant son Cameron and a reclusive wife. Buster soon follows in his father's footsteps by winning election as district attorney. Rance Rivers and Buster Galt have old wounds that are mostly healed. Their sons, however, are making new ones. When Buster targets Gray Boy Rivers in his investigation of Spooner's death, the tension between the two families threatens to become a blood feud.

About The Author

Jim H. Ainsworth is the author of five previous books. Rivers Crossing is the # 2 in the Rivers novel series. Jim knows Texas because he lives there. He knows Texans because he is one. Find out more about Jim and his other books by visiting his website at He enjoys hearing from readers.


From Jane Roberts Wood, novelist and author of the wonderful trilogy that begins with Train to Estelline, Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, and Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities... "I loved reading In the Rivers Flow. The images are fresh and original, the language just right...a rare and beautifully written novel." From Dr. Michael Johnson, award winning author of six books, national columnist, and 2005 Oklahoma Author of the Year..."A telling mark of any literature is the degree of retention it possesses....and I will always wonder how Jake Rivers is doing...and I will never forget him." From

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