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Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda

Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda     

by Brian Withers
Price: $15.00

Book Website:  http://none

256 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-578-10314-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-10314-3

I wrote "Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda" in reaction to the awful events of 9/11. I was at work that day in New York, and although I wasn't injured, have felt tremendous sorrow for my fellow New Yorkers and for all who died that day. This book, which has science fiction overtones, is my way of trying to protect the City of New York and all of it great citizens from cruel forces, natural or man-made, that confront us. Brian Withers' first novel "Long Island Breezes" is the tale of Long Island's disappearance due to a terrorist laser attack, which sends the island into the Atlantic Ocean. Will Long Islanders be able to survive? The sequel to "Long Island Breezes" is "Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda," and it answers what happens in the New York Metropolitan area after Long Island leaves New York waters forever. American military powers set Manhattan adrift in the same way that terrorists launched Long Island into the ocean. "Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda" is also the tale of Plush Bradley, the first woman to ever be elected Mayor of New York City. She replaces an aging politician Ed Fisher, who retires to Fishers Island in Southold with his new wife Dina Tripp. Some say the island is named after Fisher. Brian Withers combines his literary skills and historical knowledge to write a sequel "Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda" that is humorous and poignant. If you have any connection to New York City (especially to Manhattan and the Bronx) and to Long Island, you will definitely appreciate the political humor and down home whimsy of this book. It is a good read, and there is certainly room for more from Brian Withers. Who can deny that taking Manhattan with you on a cruise wouldn't be worthwhile? There would be so much more to do on the way and even on the return trip home.

About The Author

As a newborn Brian Withers lived in Manhattan and was drafted into the New York advertising game. Over the next fifteen years Brian's face appeared in many magazine ads and in many textbook illustrations painted by his father. He later attended Hofstra University, and became a high school teacher. Throughout his teaching career he honed his writing skills as well as actively participating in the creation of paintings and sculptures. Brian thanks his family for generously allowing him to pursue these lifelong interests.


Since it hasn't been published yet, there are no reviews of "Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda." However, has posted a review of Brian's first novel "Long Island Breezes." Here is that review: Brian Withers combines his literary skills and historical knowledge (much of it first hand) to write a story that is humorous and somewhat poignant. If you have any connection to the Island of Long (which includes Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, and Kings Counties) either as a resident or as a tourist, then you will definitely appreciate the political humor and down home quirkiness of this book. It's a good read, and there is assuredly room for a sequel. "Big Apple Cruise To Bermuda" is that sequel.

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