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Remembering Private Lamb

Remembering Private Lamb     

by Leon Cooper
Price: $14.95

Book Website:

212 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-9790584-5-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790584-5-5

A WWII veteran visits Tokyo to investigate the mystery of a Japanese officer's body buried in a US Marine's grave. He falls in love with and marries a Japanese woman and quickly finds his life--and his bride's--in danger as they're caught up in a campaign, passionately fought and fiercely resisted, to make Japan acknowledge and make retribution for its war crimes.

About The Author

Leon Cooper was A "90 Day Wonder,"a WWII volunteer who received his officer's commission in 90 days. Three of his four years' Navy service was in the Pacific. He was a landing craft officer, Boat Group Commander for his ship, taking part in six major invasions.In this capacity, he landed assault troops on the beaches of the enemy-held strongholds of Tarawa, Kwajelein, New Guinea, Guam, Philippines and Iwo Jima. As a civilian, he was CEO and also CFO of major corporations. During a ten-year period, his marketing company sold his patented products throughout the world. He's now a film producer, screen writer and published author of three books about the Pacific War. He received his Bachelor's Degree for the University of Illinois and did graduate studies at the University of Michigan. A widower and father of five children, he lives in Malibu, California.


"Remembering Private Lamb", an engrossing tale about: - A battle that shouldn't have been fought: - A mystery, "The case of the wrong body;" - A dangerous love affair; - Super patriots and lunatic fringe; - Devious governments, foreign and domestic. Leon Cooper poses a provocative question: "Why hasn't Japan apologized for its war crimes, as Germany has done?" Read the answer in this tale of Japanese and American government duplicity that would make Machiavelli envious." Steven C. Barber, Filmmaker (Oscar "short list") "Leon Cooper's 'Remembering Private Lamb"is a powerful,mesmerizing novel about an untold side of WWII and its far-reaching effects" Thomas B. Sawyer, Head Writer of classic series MURDER, SHE WROTE, bestselling author, NO PLACE TO RUN. "Cooper has been there done that so we, too are there when he puts a Marine-filled Higgins boat ashore against stiff Japanese resistance. But VJ day notwithstanding, the war isn't over for Cooper. Find out why in the romantic mystery as you're swept along in the action-packed auto-bi novel. Don Tait, Head Writer for Disney (THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG) TV (MAVERICK,COMBAT)

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