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The Blissful Abidance Series, Volume Two

The Blissful Abidance Series, Volume Two     

by Floyd Henderson
Price: $24.95

Book Website:

344 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-578-08582-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-08582-1

This anthology contains the six books that make up what has been called "The Blissful Abidance Series" for those seeking to live blissfully and happily for the remainder of the manifestation. The series offers an opportunity for seekers to understand what bliss is and what bliss is not; to understand why one must reach a zero-concept, no-mind state if any degree of peace is to manifest; to understand how to be liberated from the bliss-negating influence of personality; to understand how to fixate in the bliss rather than fluctuating constantly between states of happiness and unhappiness; to understand why freedom must be built from a position of emptiness and neutrality; and to find how to overlay Reality on the relative so that the relative can be enjoyed more fully. How many seekers are frustrated by not having attained bliss? How many seekers think that they have failed or that their teacher has failed? The problem lies in all of the misunderstandings about bliss, so the author explains what bliss actually is and what bliss is not. To understand that distinction is to provide the opportunity to finally relax and take it easy. The author also shows how originally the mind was a constructive tool but has become a tool of destruction and self-destruction. Advaitin sages for centuries have correctly noted that the main problem among the masses centers in the mind; this book addresses the remedy. Also, this book also studies the nine most basic persona types and offers the way to be free of the influences of personality; furthermore, almost all persons on the planet are seeking, but most are trapped in the fluctuations between happiness and unhappiness. The source of fluctuations and chaos are discussed along with the means by which they can end. Finally, the content of this book shows what the relative existence looks like if Reality is overlaid upon it as well as what it will be like if that does not happen.

About The Author

For those who have studied any of the various types of yoga and who have studied either Traditional Advaita Vedanta, Neo-Advaita, Neo-Vedanta, or Pseudo Advaita: the author of this book is a disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj so he uses the Direct Path Method of teaching along with the Nisarga (Natural) Yoga, all shared in simple, everyday English.

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