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Audition & Book It!

Audition & Book It!     

by Helen McCready, CSA
Price: $19.95

Book Website:

140 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 8

ISBN-10: 0-578-07517-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-07517-4

If you are an actor, you have to audition – plain and simple but auditioning is anything but “plain and simple” for the amateur or professional actor. There are so many opportunities out there for actors but, unfortunately, they make mistakes in the audition room that cost them the job. In Helen McCready’s book, “Audition & Book It”, she uncovers everything an actor needs to know from the audition to booking the role and how not to make the common mistakes most actors tend to do. From her years of being an actor to becoming a leading independent casting director, Helen has a compassion for what an actor goes through in the audition room and wrote this book to help the actor perfect their audition skills. You will learn to be not only extremely competent but also how to shake the “nerves” that actors get before any audition. This book is up to date with what Hollywood casting directors expect from the actor. You will learn about having a winning headshot and resume, preparing for the audition, bringing energy into the room, props, pantomime, movement, monologues, improvisation and her “5 Elements of A Winning Audition” to help you nail the role. “Audition & Book It!” is a no-nonsense book written to heighten your odds at becoming a true working actor in the business. A must for any actor serious about working in Hollywood.

About The Author

Casting director, Helen McCready, CSA, is the casting director for a number of films, most recently "LITBC" with Sharon Stone, "Lighthouse" with Danny Glover; "Whitey" pilot with David Koechner, Lifetime MOW "The Jodi Arias Story, “Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn” starring Val Kilmer,and Eleven Eleven starring Charles Baker from “Breaking Bad”. Other credits include: "Margarine Wars" with Doris Roberts, Robert Loggia, Terri Moore, and Dee Wallace, "Five Hour Friends", starring Tom Sizemore, "Just Crazy Enough", starring Chris Kattan and location casting for "Sleeping Around", a project by THINKFACTORY, who brought us “Hatfields & McCoys” with Kevin Costner.. Currently, Helen has a film project shooting in Arizona this coming September 2014, “WISH MAN”. It is base on a true story of Frank Shankwitz, who is the founder of the “Make A Wish Foundation”. She currently has 3 other film projects on her desk for this year. Helen continuously cast national an international co


"I've read every audition book out there and this is by far the best!" "If you are determined about perfecting your auditioning skills then this is the book for you." "Knowing that Helen works everyday as a casting director, I am confident that her book is bang on. It is simple to read and loads of incredibly useful tips." "Audition & Book It! compacts all the major points that would normally take years of training to grasp and understand." "This is an exceptional and superior book above all the audition technique books out there!" "The greatest I've ever read. I wish I had this book when I first started out in Hollywood as an actor. It would have made it much easier for me."

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