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Branding Yourself after Age 50: Creating Brand Strategy For Your Life

Branding Yourself after Age 50: Creating Brand Strategy For Your Life     

by Marva L. Goldsmith
Price: $19.95

Book Website:  http://

208 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-9765292-4-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9765292-4-8

“Don't let the title fool you! You can certainly get plenty from this dynamic, easy to read book well before you are even close to turning 50. I started reading the book and could not put it down. As a result of reading Branding Yourself after Age 50, I will now put pen to paper on the particular areas of my life in which I have not done so to ensure that I take the steps to greater success. This book is a must read for anyone at a crossroads in their professional life. Frank Mitchell, VP/Staffing/Human Resources, Bank of America Perhaps you took a "buyout" package and now want to start a new business. Or, you were laid off and have not marketed yourself in years. Whether you are challenged by design or default with the task of starting over or reinventing yourself, marketing yourself is a critical element to your success. You are in charge of the brand called you! Branding Yourself After Age 50 shows you how to define your target market and distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

About The Author

Marva Goldsmith knows the transformation process intimately because she has lived it. She began her career as an electrical engineer and later became a federal lobbyist and human resources strategist. At the age of 41, she obtained a Master's degree in Public Administration degree with a concentration in Leadership from Harvard University. She received additional leadership training through the Center for Creative Leadership and Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching Program. Marva then studied image management with Dominique Isbecque International, the London Image Institute and the Image Resource Group. Since 2005, Marva has published six workbooks, including Branding Yourself After Age 50, Marketing Yourself for the Future, and I Branding YOU, Inc. Marva has worked with clients as diverse as Fortune 500 companies to incarcerated youth. She has spoken at National and Regional conferences, including 2009 National AARP Conference, 2009 National Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference, 2005 & 2003 National Training Officer's Conference, and Regional SHRM Conferences (2009-New Hampshire, 2008-New York, 2006-New Jersey).


Rebecca Reads, “Branding Yourself After Age 50” presents many real life examples and stories that greatly assist in defining the concepts, and showing their application to real life. The easy-to-understand format that the information is presented in makes this book beneficial to anyone who wants to reflect on their past, determine their life goals, and take the steps necessary to make these goals a reality.