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Moonlight Memoirs - Remembering That Family and Friends Are Forever

Moonlight Memoirs - Remembering That Family and Friends Are Forever     

by Maggie Mei Lewis, illustrated by Melody Lea Lamb
Price: $14.95

Book Website:

24 Pages, Hardback, Select Trim Size

ISBN-10: 0-578-01415-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-01415-9

Moonlight Memoirs is an enchanting story about the everlasting love of family and friends. Utilizing a positive, uplifting approach to answering a child's questions regarding loss, Moonlight Memoirs follows the adventure of two young mice wandering through shadows on moonlit snow. While on their journey, they meet an older mouse determined to teach them one of life's most treasured lessons. Through exquisite wildlife illustrations and comforting verse, Moonlight Memoirs reminds us that the love of family and friends lasts forever. This universal story of eternal love reaches beyond cultural and religious boundaries as it reassures children that everything will be alright, no matter what happens to their loved ones. A story which delights readers of all ages at any time, Moonlight Memoirs is an exceptional resource for children seeking comfort and hope during times of loss.

About The Author

The author, Maggie Mei Lewis, is fifteen years old and was adopted from China before her first birthday. She lives on a island near the Chesapeake Bay with her family and many animal friends. Maggie Mei attended Montessori International Children's House in Annapolis, MD from the age of 21 months through 5th grade and is now a high school sophomore, home schooled through The Learning Community, International of Annapolis, Maryland. In her free time, Maggie Mei enjoys reading, drawing, visiting with friends and playing the piano and violin. This is Maggie's first book. The illustrator, Melody Lea Lamb, is a highly regarded wildlife and fantasy artist who lives in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts with her husband, two children and many animal friends. Melody's delicately detailed, life-like paintings are in private and public collections around the world. Look for Melody Lea Lamb on-line for more information about her art. This is Melody's first book.


"This is the author's first book, and for a person just barely out of childhood herself, she does an admirable job of presenting the difficult concept of mortality in words and images that are understandable and even soothing to children." Foreword CLARION Review "...with such insight for one so young, we'll certainly be on the watch for the fledgling author's future endeavors." Terry Hong, BookDragon, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program "This beautifully written story offers comfort, hope, and everlasting love to individuals of all ages who are reaching for a shining light in the darkness of grief..." Marilyn Olson, MA, LMFT, Family Therapist, Palm Desert, California "I recommend this book to child psychologists, school counselors, religious school teachers of all faiths, hospice workers, grief counselors, and most importantly, parents and grandparents everywhere to read to their children and grandchildren!" Nancy Anselm, M.ED, Education Director, Montessori International Children's House, Annapolis, MD "I look forward to recommending Moonlight Memoirs, a beautifully written and illustrated book that will be very comforting to children who are dealing with the loss of a beloved pet." Francine Rattner, VMD, Hospital Director, South Arundel Veterinary Hospital, Edgewater, Maryland