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This online bookstore features books published by Independent authors and small press trade book and children’s book publishers. The authors and publishers have spent a significant amount of time and money to insure the final product meets the highest of professional editorial, design and book printing standards. (Continued below)

Hot Off The Press
Recommended Books on Self Publishing
TALK ABOUT A MESS, It Happened in Vietnam
Breathing: The Way
Book Design and Production; A Guide for Authors and Publishers
The Publishing Game:Best Seller in 30 Days
The Publishing Game:Publish a book in 30 days
Best Sellers
Recommended Reads
An Island Called Liberty
Privacy Tactics
Fabulous Lo-Carb Cuisine
Simply Mom--advice from someone who loves you
Legends Of The Fall

None of the books in this online bookstore are published as self-publishing vanity press titles like those of Xlibris, IUniverse, 1stBooks or other POD or print on demand books.

Attn Authors: If you receive a letter from a “Publisher” telling you that your manuscript has been accepted for publication….. Have him “show you the money”. If he tells you that you have to pay (or help pay) for production costs but “he” is a publisher… leave while you still have your money in your pocket. If a “Publisher tells you that you can use their ISBN number while at the same time telling you that you have all the “rights” …. Walk away. The ISBN number identifies the publisher. If you are being asked to pay for the production of your book, you want to be the publisher. All distribution is done using the ISBN number. If you try to switch from one of these “you have all the rights” type publishers and you have been “Assigned” one of his ISBN numbers… you have to start all over with the marketing of your book.

Once you have bought your ISBN numbers, you are no longer a self-publisher… you are a Publisher. If you are interested in becoming a publisher and publishing yours or someone else’s, book follow this link to

Junior Writers Foundation

RJ Communications LLC
93 Lake Avenue
Tuckahoe, NY 10707

Annie M's Small Press and Self-Publishing Network
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